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Our Blog: August 8, 2019

5 Fall Staycation Ideas

  1. GettyImages-859623228Pitch the tent and have a campout in your backyard! Roast marshmallows and share stories around the campfire – just like the real thing.
  2. Spend a weekend exploring fall sights! Drive a little farther out of town and go apple picking, walk on a new nature trail, or visit a pumpkin patch.
  3. Just because the warmer weather might be gone, doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun at the pool! Head to a nearby indoor water park and splash around!
  4. Host a movie festival to rival Cannes. Invite friends over and put pillows on the floor so everyone can sit. Make fancy “mocktails,” include fun toppings for the popcorn, and make themed appetizers to go along with your movie(s) of choice! (Pinterest should have some ideas!)
  5. Have an ethnic food night and “travel” around the world by indulging in new dishes from different countries. Perhaps an appetizer from Argentina, a salad from Sweden and a main dish from Morocco!