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One-of-a-Kind Curriculum

At Tutor Time, every child’s individuality is used to his or her advantage in the way they learn, grow, build self-esteem, and develop their imagination. Our approach nurtures every aspect of a child’s development. That’s why our curriculum is inspired by Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory. The Multiple Intelligences theory is based on research about how we learn as we encounter problems and seek solutions.

The foundation of this theory is that we are able to know the world through 8 different “intelligences” or “Smarts.” Every one of us is unique in how we use each of these intelligences and the ways in which we combine them to carry out tasks and solve problems.

Our curriculum provides opportunities for children to develop their minds and abilities through different approaches, materials, and experiences.




Our Educators

Experienced, dedicated teachers give individualized care and attention to each child.

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Positive Behavior Support

When children exhibit challenging behavior in our classrooms, our teachers are prepared to create a development opportunity and engage children with positive learning experiences, through research-based methods and strategies.

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