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One-of-a-kind Elective Programs

Extracurricular Learning at Tutor Time

Our elective programs can, for an additional fee, introduce your child to new interests beyond the daily classroom curriculum. By using small-group dynamics, these programs give children new ways to play and explore creatively.

grow-fit-yoga logoStrike a pose! This program teaches children yoga poses and cooperative games in cool, unique ways to develop strong bodies, strong minds, and strong communities.

spotlight-on-spanish logoWe apply children’s natural curiosity and aptitude for new language acquisition toward learning conversational Spanish through stories, songs, and games.

chess-at-3 logoChess has been proven to positively impact children. Children explore chess fundamentals through interactive narratives, as they strengthen their knowledge of the game through hands-on experiences.

preschool-prodigies logoThis original series of video music lessons explores music through play, in a way that’s both meaningful and accessible. No prior experience? No worries! Your child will be singing in tune and even playing a musical instrument.

Note: Some programs dependent on minimum enrollment requirements. See school for details.


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