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One-of-a-kind Elective Programs

Extracurricular Learning at Tutor Time

Our elective programs can, for an additional fee, introduce your child to new interests beyond the daily classroom curriculum. By using small-group dynamics, these programs give children new ways to play and explore creatively.

yoga poseStrike a pose! This program teaches children yoga poses and cooperative games in cool, unique ways to develop strong bodies, strong minds, and strong communities.

spanish wordsWe apply children’s natural curiosity and aptitude for new language acquisition toward learning conversational Spanish through stories, songs, and games.

soccerThis program gets children working together as a squad as they learn teamwork and develop their soccer abilities. As children build crucial motor skills, they learn collaboration—which will serve them both on the field and off.

music symbolThis original series of video music lessons explores music through play, in a way that’s both meaningful and accessible. No prior experience? No worries! Your child will be singing in tune and even playing a musical instrument.

Note: Some programs dependent on minimum enrollment requirements. See school for details.


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