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Health and Safety

A clean and secure environment.

From the moment you drop your child off, until the moment you pick them up, we’re here to give you peace of mind. From the front door (where rigorous ID and entry requirements mean only authorized persons are granted access), to the classroom, to the playground, we maintain a safe environment where teachers can give nurturing attention to each child, so that they may learn and grow.

Keeping An Eye On Things

One of our primary goals is ensuring a safe, secure school environment, while providing peace of mind to our families. That’s why the entire school is monitored comprehensively, with a system of cameras and door alarms. In the lobby, a multi-room display shares a closed-circuit feed with staff and families to see what’s going on around the school, indoors and out.

Care For Little Ones

Infants, toddlers, and 2-year-olds are assigned a primary caregiver that works with families to guarantee a close relationship and consistent care.

Sleeping Safely

Lights are always on, even during naps. When children are in cribs, visual contact and constant listening are employed. Age-appropriate bedding ensures that children sleep on their backs.

Trained For Safety

It starts with our school’s designated Safety Captain, dedicated to ensuring a safe environment for children, families, and staff members. Meanwhile, regular training in safety procedures, including emergency and evacuation situations (fire, earthquakes, etc.) is provided to teachers. Our strict ratio guidelines are in place to ensure constant supervision of children. Emergency and evacuation supply items are available in each classroom, while the school has a defibrillator that was designed specifically for infants and children. We also provide CPR and first aid training to staff members, based on essential state standards.

Healthy (and Safe) Food

Grow Fit menus (excluding jarred food or infant cereal) are planned by a registered dietitian nutritionist. Food gets prepared for children in our kitchen and is always cut to appropriate size, depending on the age group that’s eating. All meals and snack times are closely monitored by staff members. We want your child to not only eat healthy, but safely, as well.

We’re Keen on Clean

Regular handwashing, for children and staff, prevents the spread of germs in our school community. We keep an eye out for any signs of illness and immediately notify parents when their child is unwell, to make sure we stop any illness from spreading. Child-safe products are used on a regular schedule to clean and disinfect our classrooms.

Toys and Playgrounds

Outdoor equipment is regularly inspected for safety. Toys are regularly checked for broken or loose parts, monitored for choking hazards, and disinfected on a regular schedule.

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