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Pre-K Program

Uniquely Ready for Kindergarten

In Tutor Time's Pre-K classes and early education program, your child learns effective communication, works in groups and independently, and develops a deeper understanding of their world. While each child is on their own unique path, they take the journey to school readiness together as they develop essential skills such as:

  • Problem-solving
  • Responsive listening
  • Using language to learn
  • Social & collaborative skills

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Curriculum & Developmental Scales

Our LifeSmart early childhood educational curriculum, inspired by the Multiple Intelligences theory of educational psychologist Howard Gardner, recognizes that children learn in different ways. We embrace every child’s unique “smarts” to help them learn best. With the help of our digital lesson planning tool, teachers can offer customized curriculum to focus on each child’s unique needs, and observe and assess their progress along these 10 development scales:


Approaches to Learning

The ability to set goals, plan an approach, and interact with the world.


Creative Arts

The ability to use music, movement, visual arts, and drama to express unique ideas and feelings.



The ability to use expressive and receptive vocabulary, conversational skills, and effective communication.



The ability to demonstrate phonological awareness, knowledge of the alphabet, and reading and writing skills.


Logic & Reasoning

The ability to understand symbols and their sequencing, as well as to use problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.


Early Math

The ability to use and understand numbers, patterns, sorting, and ordering, plus using addition, subtraction, measuring, and graphing skills.


Nature & Science

The ability to understand, observe, describe, predict, and gather data about the natural and physical world.


Social Studies

The ability to develop a strong understanding of themselves, their families, their communities, and the larger world.


Physical Development/Health

The ability to develop fine and gross motor skills, and to understand health and nutrition.


Social-Emotional Development

The ability to show self-awareness, as well as offering respect and empathy.

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Health and Safety

We’re here to provide peace of mind to every family with our comprehensive safety measures.


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Our exclusive family communications is designed to keep you in the know and ready to grow! Get access to live streaming video, real-time updates about your child’s day, direct messaging, and much, much more.

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