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Preschool Program

One-of-a-Kind Path to Kindergarten

Kids raising hands in circle

In this interactive classroom, children are encouraged to explore their curiosity and unique interests, through immersive early childhood learning experiences, as they begin to develop important school readiness skills.

Our Preschool classroom environment focuses on:

  • Fostering independence
  • Cooperation & communication skills
  • Hands-on learning
  • Literacy and number concepts

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Curriculum & Developmental Scales

Our LifeSmart early childhood educational curriculum, inspired by the Multiple Intelligences theory of educational psychologist Howard Gardner, recognizes that children learn in different ways. We embrace every child’s unique “smarts” to help them learn best. With the help of our exclusive digital lesson planning tool, teachers create customized curriculum, based on assessment and observation, to meet each child’s needs as they develop along 10 developmental scales:

Approaches to Learning

How to plan, set goals, and interact with others and with the environment.

Creative Arts

How to express ideas and feelings through music, movement, visual arts, and drama.


How to use expressive and receptive vocabulary and to use conversation skills and vocabulary to communicate effectively.


How to demonstrate phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, reading, and writing skills.

Logic & Reasoning

How to sequence, solve problems, and develop symbolic and critical-thinking skills.

Early Math

How to understand numbers, patterns, sorting, and ordering, as well as how to use numbers to add, subtract, measure, and graph.

Nature & Science

How to understand the natural and physical world, as well as how to observe, describe, predict, and gather data.

Social Studies

How to understand themselves, their families, communities, and their world.

Physical Development/Health

How to build fine and gross motor skills and to understand health and nutrition.

Social-Emotional Development

How to develop self-awareness and how to show respect and empathy for others.

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