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Join the Tutor Time Family in Five Easy Steps

boy writing on paper with pencil Choosing an early education provider can be tough. We’re here to make that decision simple and to make you feel confident about your choice. That’s why we’ve made becoming a member of our family easier than ever. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Find a nearby school.
  2. Call 877.684.1613 to learn more about the early childhood education programs and tuition rates at your neighborhood school.
  3. Schedule a tour. (To make your decision easier, download our School Comparison Checklist.)
  4. Register with the school for enrollment.
  5. Complete the Enrollment Packet along with the other forms provided by the school.

Enrolling at Tutor Time means you can rest easy. That’s because you can be confident that your child is in a great environment, receiving an exceptional education. See for yourself by visiting a school!

Ready to Enroll?

Already visited a school and want to enroll? Just download our Enrollment Packet. Get a checklist of what to bring, along with the forms you need to get started. Download, print, and fill out the packet for your next visit.

Should your family have additional enrollment considerations, please note we have specific paperwork for children with Special Needs, Severe Allergies, and Blood Glucose/Diabetes Management needs.