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Our Blog: June 23, 2015

Five Ways to Avoid Summer Boredom

5 Ways to Beat Summer Boredom

As the long, lazy days of summer stretch on, sometimes your family can succumb to boredom. But don’t let this happen to you! We have five ways to inject some fun into your summer.

Have a ball . . . with sponge balls!

With a pen and ruler, make five lines lengthwise on a sponge, each ½ inch apart. Use scissors to cut the sponge, using the lines as a guide, into six rods. Repeat with the other two sponges. Lay strips on top of each other in three layers, five to six in a layer. Cinch them across the middle with a piece of string; knot it tightly. Fluff the pieces out into a ball!

Drip, drip, splash!

This is a fun twist on Duck, Duck, Goose. You’ll need a cup of water, preferably a non-breakable one. Just like the traditional game, everyone sits in a circle and the person who is “it” walks around the outside of the circle. But instead of saying, “duck,” you say, “drip,” each time, dripping water onto the players’ heads. When you choose who you want to chase you around the circle, you yell, “Splash!” Then dump the whole cup of water on their head.

Backyard car wash.

All you need for this is a bucket of water, some dish soap, and a few washcloths or sponges. Kids love being helpful—and splashing each other with the soapy water!

Get sprinkled.

There’s no age limit on running through—or lying under—the sprinkler! This is a great, simple way to cool off on a hot day, with zero extra set-up.

Share some frozen delights.

July is National Ice Cream Month! Take a family outing to your local ice cream stand, try new flavors, or if you’re really adventurous, try learning to make your own at home!