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Our Blog: July 8, 2019

Beat the Heat with These Summer Activities

GettyImages-80293891Here are some awesome summer activities for when your family wants to cool off and beat the heat.

  1. Splash pad
  2. Visit a children’s museum
  3. Water park
  4. Visit a science museum
  5. Music class
  6. Build a fort or tent
  7. Story Time at Barnes and Noble
  8. Flag down the ice cream truck
  9. Float in the local river or lake
  10. Open gym/swim
  11. Visit at aquarium
  12. Indoor trampoline center
  13. Children's arcade center
  14. Make popsicles
  15. Water balloon fight
  16. Indoor ice skating
  17. Slip ‘N Slide/sprinkler party
  18. Go to the movies
  19. Visit your local library
  20. Take an early morning or late night walk