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Meet Our Tutor Time Staff – Ms. Annalee, Lead Twos Teacher

by Administrator | April 27, 2016 | Get to Know Our Staff

annalee1Ms. Annalee is the lead teacher in our two year old classroom at our Tutor Time school in Fontana, California. September will mark her three-year anniversary with us, though she has been working with two-year-olds for 17 years! Read on to learn more about Ms. Annalee!


What inspired you to pursue a career in early education and to focus primarily on the two-year-old age group?

I decided to do it back when I was in high school, probably because I was the oldest out of the siblings and cousins and I’ve always taken care of kids. It was just something I always wanted to do. Two-year-olds grow so much in this class – there’s such a big growing spurt from when they turn two to when they turn three. That’s why I like it so much. They become more independent. I’m a very high-energy person so I couldn’t teach a class that is low energy. I need a class that’s constantly going.

Why is a strong early education program important for young kids in today’s world?

I think that when you start early enough, you’re developing students’ language and socialization skills before they even hit the public school. When they do get to that system, they have those tools to be able to self-regulate and to be able to tell somebody what they need help with or need to say.

Can you describe how you keep communication open between you and the parents?

We always allow them to call into the classroom if need be. I’m here most of the day so I think my hours really help. For the most part, it’s talking with them one-on-one when they come in to pick up their child. I always make sure I touch base with them when they come through the door.

How would you describe your teaching style?

I am probably the loud crazy teacher. I’m the one out there dancing with them, I’m jumping up and down with them. I think I bring that out in the other teachers that might be a little bit more reserved.

Could you describe the overall experience families have at your center?

It’s very much a family-feel and we do have a very good rapport with our families. This school has really touched hearts of families and I feel that it’s very warm and family-oriented.

How is it rewarding to witness their growth throughout the year?

The reward is seeing them be proud of themselves when they accomplish something on their own. It’s watching their growth, watching them get excited about learning, watching their language go from two words to full sentences or full conversations by the time they leave my class.