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Fun and Educational Activities You Can Do With Your Child

by Learning Care Group | March 2, 2012 | Learning Activities

Activities for Tutor Times-March 2012

Infants – Sit with baby between your legs. Hold a mirror so that the baby can see herself. Talk about the baby she sees in the mirror. Point out the various parts of her face as you both look in the mirror.

Young Toddlers – Cut doors and windows out of a huge cardboard box and decorate it with construction paper and markers to make it whatever your toddler wants. Play “bye-bye” and peekaboo games as h/she looks out to practice being independent while you’re still close.

Older Toddlers – Collect some objects that usually go together (sock and shoe, fork and spoon, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc.). Hide the items around the room. Work together to find them all and put them on the table. Challenge your child to match the ones that go together.

Preschoolers – Look through a magazine and find a picture that your child likes. Tear out the picture and glue it to a thin piece of cardboard. Cut the picture into pieces and mix them up. Work together to reassemble your new puzzle. Make as many as your child wants.

School-Agers – Collect some mixed coins in a jar. Without counting, take turns guessing how many of each coin there is in the jar. Write down your guesses. Now guess how much money there is in total. Pour out the coins and count how many there is of each coin. Count how much money there is all together. How close were your guesses?