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Our Blog: September 3, 2019

Eight Ways to Celebrate International Literacy Day

GettyImages-913381540On September 8, celebrate International Literacy Day with these 8 fun activities. But don’t stop there! Reading is essential to learning, so make every day a literacy day in your house. 

  1. Get a library card—and pick up a book!
  2. Give a book as a gift.
  3. Book swap. Get other families involved in a periodic book swap where kids can lend and borrow books from friends in the neighborhood or other social circles.
  4. Get older siblings to read to their younger siblings.
  5. Practice reading “popcorn” style. Each family member can read a page or two and then “popcorn pass” to the family member of their choice.
  6. Take turns choosing the book or the reading location of the night.
  7. Choose a book that has been turned into a movie. Read the book first and then schedule a family movie night to see the book come to life on the screen.
  8. Plan themed reading nights. Pitch a tent in the living room and “camp out” while you read, or build a “bear cave” fort and read books about bears. Let your imagination take your themes to the next level.