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Our Blog: May 9, 2018

Stress-Free, Mess-Free, and Hassle-Free! 10 Parent Hacks

mom helping child language development and social skillsLet’s face it: Parenting isn’t easy! With that in mind, here is a list of a few easy tips and tricks that will save you some time and make the day run a little smoother. You will spend less energy cleaning and organizing, so you can spend more quality time with your little one.

  1. Put a rubber band around a pump soap dispenser to limit the amount of soap that comes out for little hand washers.
  2. Keep a flip-top lid cereal container in the car to keep trash contained.
  3. Throw a bag of marshmallows in the freezer for boo-boos. Super soft and not too cold!
  4. Use press-and-seal plastic wrap to create an instant art smock on any T-shirt.
  5. Those auto-flushing toilets in a public restroom can be scary for a little person. Carry a pack of sticky notes with you and place one over the sensor.
  6. When in a busy public place, take a picture with your phone in case your kiddo gets lost so you can easily recall what he or she was wearing.
  7. For potty training kiddos, use masking or painters tape to put a mark on the wall to show how much toilet paper to use.
  8. Use tape to secure bubble wands to a chair, a porch post, etc. to prevent the inevitable spilling.
  9. Freeze baby-sized portions of food in an ice cube tray for the perfect serving size every time.
  10. Who has time to wipe down individual Legos®? Clean toys like bath toys, blocks, etc., in the dishwasher. Quick and painless!