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Our Blog: August 16, 2017

10 Ways You’re 110% Ready for Your Kids to Go Back to School

  1. You memorized the layout of your local store’s “Back to School” section and know the optimal path to take.
  2. Your Pinterest accounted is full of beautiful school lunch masterpieces that you’ll never be able to replicate. 
  3. First day of school photo props? Done. 
  4. Lately, your daydreams consist of your kids NOT saying “I’m bored,” over and over and over again. 
  5. Some people have holiday calendars – you have a Back to School calendar. It’s almost here! 
  6. Your kid’s outfit for the first day was purchased two months ago and is so fabulous. 
  7. So was yours. (Hey, you have to look good in those pictures, too.)                                                             
  8. Your first day schedule is 100% set, from wake-up time to dinner. Now if only the family can adhere to it… 
  9. You’re looking forward to not hearing the theme song to your kids’ favorite cartoons everyday. You just can’t.  
  10. Every pencil, eraser and marker is labeled. And you’ve accepted that they’ll all be lost by next week!