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Our Blog: March 30th, 2017

Meet Our Tutor Time Staff – Ms. Moya, School-Age Teacher

moya2Meet Ms. Moya, School Age Teacher at Tutor Time in Highland Village, TX. With a wealth of experience volunteering for Girl Scouts, Sunday School and more, she’s a perfect fit at Tutor Time. Read on to learn more about this talented member of our team!


Tell us some more about your background in early education!

I began volunteering with my mom at Girl Scouts. I did that for a good while and I had experience in my church doing Vacation Bible School and Sunday school classes with younger children. I graduated from the University of North Texas with my bachelor’s degree in development and family studies and right now I’m in my master’s program for education.

What types of activities do you do in your school-age program?

After I pick them up from school, we have a snack. After the snack we have a “brain break” and we might play Four Corners, Seven Up or something like that just to get them relaxed because they’ve been doing school work all day. Then we do an art activity or project or something like that so they can get creative. And then sometimes we’ll go outside or go to the Village so they can release some energy and have a little bit of fun.

What are benefits of our school age program?

I think it’s very beneficial because it’s preparing them for the next level. Our program is more of us interacting with them and engaging. This isn’t a babysitting program, we actually help them and engage them in all the activities we’re doing.

How do you ensure strong parent communication?

Of course when parents come in, it’s always “hey, hi, how are you?” I let them know that I’m open, that they can come talk if they have any concerns. I make sure I let them know that if I’m having any concerns, that we can talk about it and we can try to work something out.  It’s very open communication. If you need to talk, we can talk.

Can you share a memorable moment you’ve had at Tutor Time?

One day something happened with my back, and the kids noticed that something was wrong, and they were like, “Oh my gosh, what’s wrong? Are you ok? You need to sit down!” They were just being so helpful. That was sweet.

Overall, how would you describe the work environment?

Right off the bat, the coworkers are very supportive, welcoming and positive. A couple days ago I was having a bad day, but they were just showering me with love, making me feel good about it. When you’re working with people who actually care about you, who actually love their job, it’s easier for you to care and love your job. And working with the kids, those hugs and hearing “you’re my favorite teacher!” just makes it worth it.