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Our Blog: November 29th, 2016

Meet Our Tutor Time Staff – Ms. Cheryl, Lead Pre-K Teacher

20161128152917137-page-001Ms. Cheryl is the Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher at our location in Anthem, AZ and has been working in early childhood education for 10 years. Read on to learn more about her passion and dedication to teaching our young learners!


How do you maintain good communication with your students’ parents?

I have in my mind how I liked to be treated when I enrolled my son and I just feed off that. I know what it feels like to be a nervous parent enrolling their child. I’m very communicative with my families. I acknowledge them in the morning and at pickup time, and I’ll have conversations with them. I let them know what my hours are and that I’m always available to them.

How is teaching pre-k rewarding to you?

Because I know what we do is extremely important. If I’m not doing my job, then they’re not going to be as successful in kindergarten. And I want to do it well because I don’t want their teachers in kindergarten to see kids that don’t know the basics. It’s just rewarding when they graduate and they move on and they come back to visit, or when parents want to keep in touch with you. I am really doing something great.

Why do you feel an early start to education is critical?

More is expected of little people today. When I was growing up, even past kindergarten, we were still gluing macaroni on paper and taking naps! So much more is expected of people in general these days. I try to run my class like a kindergarten class. I do want to get them ready and I do want them to be prepared, but to also have a lot of fun at the same time. You can’t be too strict at this age otherwise they’re going to turn their ears off and check out.

Can you share a favorite accomplishment since you’ve been at Tutor Time?

My first week here I actually had three parents who went up to the director and said they liked me. I love to hear when a parent feels that way about me, to the extent that they bothered to go to the director and let her know. I love that. It makes me feel very good that I’m appreciated. It just warms my heart.

If your students could describe you in one word, what do you think it would be?

I think it would be fun! We laugh a lot.

What do you love about working here at Tutor Time?

It’s fun and it’s like family. Just getting to know all of the families and all of the kids and greeting all of them and just like being part of the family. I’m loving it.