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Our Blog: August 23, 2016

Tips to Ensure Strong Communication Between You & Your Child’s Teacher


How should I reach out? What do I need to know about Parent/Teacher Conferences? Am I asking the right questions? We asked some of our teachers to share their best parent and teacher communication tips so you can build a strong bond with your kiddo’s teacher this school year!


1. If you have a concern, never hesitate to set up a small meeting or call with the teacher. Teachers and parents are busy, no doubt, but don’t be afraid to ask for even a few minutes over the phone. Sometimes email is a good method of communication for two extremely busy parties, so check with your little one’s teacher to see if that’s a better way to contact her. The teacher is here for your child, too, and will always find time to talk with you.

2. Start the open communication from the beginning of the school year. Introduce yourself, let the teacher know he or she can always go to you with any questions or concerns regarding your child. If the teacher doesn’t ask at the start of the school year, provide him or her with the best times to reach you and the best method for reaching you at certain times (email in the morning, phone in the evening, etc.). This way, you avoid playing a lengthy game of phone tag and can address any issues quickly!

3. At the start of the school year, inquire about parent conferences. Ask the teacher how often they are held, when are they, and so on. Also, be sure the teacher knows he or she can go to you with anything regarding your child’s development, even if it is not time for a conference. At the conference, be willing to share information about your child’s life outside of school – that offers great insight for the teacher and can better you kiddo’s school experience.

4. Ask the teacher for their opinion and ask for advice. Teachers have the children’s best interest at heart and they have worked with groups of little ones for years. Use their experience to your benefit – remember, teamwork is key in giving your child an amazing and rewarding school year!