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Our Blog: June 23rd, 2016

Meet Our Tutor Time Staff – Ms. Courtney, Lead Infant Teacher

FullSizeRenderMeet Ms. Courtney, one of the lead teachers in the Infant D classroom (ages one to two) at our Tutor Time location in East Greenbush, NY. She graduated from Hudson Valley Community College in early childhood education and has been at this center for two and a half years. Read on to learn more about this talented member of our Tutor Time team!


When did you realize that you wanted to become an early childhood educator?

I’ve always been good with kids. I just love playing with them and watching them grow. It’s just interesting to see how they progress throughout their years.

How is it rewarding to you?

It’s fun to see what they learnt throughout the time that they’re in our room, and the fact that we teach it to them is rewarding.

In your opinion, why is it beneficial for infants to be enrolled in an early education program?

Even though a lot of the time it’s playing, they’re still learning and working on different motor skills and different cognitive skills. That’s important before you go to school.

Speaking of school, what was your favorite subject?

I liked art. I had three art classes a day! I just like being creative and using my own imagination and to not be told what I have to do. Art is very open and there’s nothing right or wrong about it.

What about Tutor Time has kept you teaching here for two and a half years now?

I’ve stuck around because it’s a great place to work. Everybody gets along and the management is great!

How would you describe the overall work environment at Tutor Time?

It’s awesome. My co-teacher is my best friend. We get along and we can talk to each other. Everybody in the building really communicates and connects well with each other. Everybody gets along.