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Our Blog: January 21st, 2016

Meet Our Tutor Time Staff – Ms. Karyn, School Director


Meet Ms. Karyn, the talented Director at our Tutor Time in Matthews, NC! She attended college for family and child development and has worked in child care and education for almost 13 years – seven of those at Tutor Time. Read our Q&A to learn more about Karyn and how she makes a difference in the lives of her Tutor Time students.


What drew you to a career in early childhood education?

I’ve always had a thing for kids. I really just wanted to make a difference in their lives and help them grow and learn and get the education they need to succeed.

Why do you think ECE is so important?

It builds that foundation for them to be able to build off of it when they progress through elementary school. They are learning how to interact and share and work side by side or as a team with the other children in the classroom.

How important is family communication at your location?

It’s very big here. I make sure we’re always greeting the parents and the children when they arrive in the morning, that we share any exciting news and information and any milestones they may have accomplished. Being center director, I interact with all the parents.

In what ways to you involve families in your school community?

We do different things each month depending on what’s going on. We like to invite the parents in to read to the classroom and volunteer to help out. We also do parent nights.

Parents can be nervous when they drop their children off for the first time – how do you help make the transition go smoothly?

I just try to make them feel safe and give them all the information they need. We have an open door policy and they can also call the school any time. They can actually speak with the teacher and see how they are doing every couple of hours.

Awesome Kids Week is coming up! Are you excited for a week of festivities to celebrate our awesome students?

I’m really excited about that! The teachers are already thinking outside the box and coming up with different activities for reach day to go along with the theme. The parents are also excited – they think the kids are going to enjoy it because it’s something new and different.

Why is it being a leader in the field of early childhood education rewarding to you?

It’s rewarding just to see the expression on their faces when they finally accomplish something on the activities that they’re working on, such as writing their names or doing a puzzle. It’s rewarding when that light bulb goes off.