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Our Blog: April 10, 2015

Rainy Day Recreation

Rainy Day Activities for KidsDon’t let rainy days get you down. We have some great ideas for hours of entertainment to keep you and your kids busy when the weather keeps you inside the house. Have fun!


Indoor Scavenger Hunt: Use the whole house and spread creative clues around. Your kids will love the challenge of figuring out riddles or mysteries to find the next clue. Just be sure to have an awesome treasure ready for them to find at the end!

At Home Movie Theater: Just turn out the lights, set up some chairs or large pillows in the living room, get out some popcorn, and turn on one of your favorite movies.

Indoor Camping Trip: Chairs and blankets are great for building tents. Bring flashlights, snacks, and books to hang out. Or pretend it’s an igloo—go ice fishing and hunt for polar bears.

Make a Time Capsule: Find a box. Then trace or use paint to make handprints. Help them make a list of things they love about their family, their pets, their favorite activities or colors or books. Put the box away and wait a year or so, then take it out and revisit these memories.

Toothpick and Marshmallow Sculptures: One bag of marshmallows, one package of toothpicks, and hours of fun to create and design all kinds of structures.

Indoor Hopscotch: Painter’s tape is a great way to create hopscotch boards on a carpeted floor.

Bake Something: Kids always love helping out in the kitchen. Plus, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor afterward!

Kitchen Band: Break out the pots, pans, spoons, and anything else you can find to make some music!

Indoor Bowling: Grab some empty plastic water bottles, a soft ball, and start rolling!

Read: Books are always a great option to entertain little ones when you’re stuck inside all day. Pick one from the back of the shelf that hasn’t been read in a while.