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Our Blog: August 16th, 2011

Express. Emote. Learn!

This Fall in our schools, you will see your children expressing themselves creatively about subjects that are important to them. Your children will be engaged in meaningful tasks to maximize their learning potential.

Neurological research tells us that we learn best when our emotions are involved in the learning. Our emotions are activated when we are invested in, or care about, what we are doing, and when it is meaningful to us.

Activities that tend to produce less emotional investment for young children include memorizing facts through the use of flash cards, writing in workbooks or on worksheets, repetitive writing of letters and coloring in coloring pages. If we are spending a great deal of young children’s time on passive pursuits like these, we are not maximizing their learning potential, and not ideally preparing them for future academic success.

Our emotions tend to be heightened when we actively play, sing, dance, make music, pretend, explore, discover, experiment, invent and build. That is why you will see your children expressing themselves creatively with subjects that are important in their hearts and minds at our schools this fall.

Think about the times in your life when you learned the best, when you remembered the most. Wasn’t this true for you? We want to thank you for being a part of our school community, and for giving your children the same gift: the opportunity for deep, lasting, lifelong learning. This is going to be another fantastic year!

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