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What Families Are Saying About Tutor Time in Torrance, CA

What Families Are Saying

Many of our families have taken the time to share their honest thoughts on every aspect of the Tutor Time experience. The following are reviews of Tutor Time from families just like yours. For even more reviews, we recommend you check out independent forums like Google and Yelp.

“Thank you so much for helping us with our son's transition to school. We know it was tough and we truly appreciated your emails and pictures to reassure us that he was doing well.”
Sue B
Torrance, CA
“You do such a great job keeping Tutor Time a happy place for teachers, little students and parents! That's a big deal! We are very thankful for you.”
John P
Torrance, CA
“Thank you for taking such good care of our son. We really appreciate everything you have done for us and are happy our son is at Tutor Time.”
Dyana K
Torrance, CA
“It is reassuring to know my little boy is being well taken care of while I am at work. I am grateful the teachers are there to play an important role in my son’s life!”
Tania S
Torrance, CA
“We truly feel we made the best decision to send our son to Tutor Time. Thank you for always providing such wonderful care and promoting his growth and development!”
Yi T
Torrance, CA
“I wanted to let you know we could not have asked for a more wonderful place to watch our child learn and grow. You have all given us so much and we are sad to part ways, but excited for the new adventure that is elementary school! Thank you so much for all the love and learning you’ve given her!”
Shannon H
Torrance, CA

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