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What Families Are Saying About Tutor Time in Mooresville, NC

What Families Are Saying

Many of our families have taken the time to share their honest thoughts on every aspect of the Tutor Time experience. The following are reviews of Tutor Time from families just like yours. For even more reviews, we recommend you check out independent forums like Google and Yelp.

“I LOVE Tutor Time in Mooresville! My twins have attended since they were infants and are now moving on to Kindergarten. The past five years with this daycare have been a great experience. The director and staff are wonderful! It is so nice to have the same director each year. The prices are reasonable and very comparable to the other daycare facilities in the same area. When the twins went for their Kindergarten assessment, they did excellent. The Kindergarten teacher told me the daycare has prepared them very well for school.”
Mooresville, NC
“Wonderful child care center! I highly recommend Tutor Time to anyone in the area. The prices are well matched with centers in the areas and the staff is friendly and welcoming.”
Mooresville, NC
“An outstanding child care center! My daughter has been attending Tutor Time since she was 10 weeks old. At 2½, she recognizes her shapes and colors. She can identify animals and the sounds they make. Her vocabulary is highly advanced for her age. Not only can she say her ABC's and count to 10, but she can already count to 10 in Spanish. As a parent, knowing that my child is getting a diverse and well-rounded education even at an early age is a huge deal. The teachers at Tutor Time not only provide a nurturing environment, but have an established curriculum that is preparing my daughter to excel in the future. My child loves her teachers at Tutor Time and, because of that, I love Tutor Time!”
Mooresville, NC
“I love Tutor Time of Mooresville. My kids (now 8, 5, and 4 months) have attended this center since November of 2003. My two oldest kids were completely prepared for Kindergarten and all the challenges that they face every day. They now attend after-school care at this center. My infant loves her teacher and all the attention she receives every day. The prices are very competitive and the care is incredible.”
Mooresville, NC
“Our oldest daughter (she's 2) attends Tutor Time and my wife and I are very pleased with the staff and her development.”
Mooresville, NC
“Excellent child care center! Both my kids have attended Tutor Time since they were 10 weeks old. My oldest graduated from pre-K in 2011 and is now in Kindergarten and thriving in class. He is so far ahead of the rest of the kids in his class. He basically walked into Kindergarten knowing 90% of what he needed to graduate from Kindergarten. A lot of the credit has to go to the learning curriculum at Tutor Time and the great teachers there. They fully prepared him for his next step and I couldn't be happier. My youngest is currently at Tutor Time and loves going to school. As a parent, it really takes a load off when you drop your kids off in the morning and truly don't have to worry about them. You know they are in good hands. Thank you Tutor Time teachers!”
Mooresville, NC

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