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What Families Are Saying About Tutor Time in Downingtown, PA

What Families Are Saying

Many of our families have taken the time to share their honest thoughts on every aspect of the Tutor Time experience. The following are reviews of Tutor Time from families just like yours. For even more reviews, we recommend you check out independent forums like Google and Yelp.

“My family loves Tutor Time because our daughter gets home and signs all different types of music, and tells us pretty much all the colors and shapes she has learned. Every time we pick her up she looks happy!”
Mara C.
Downingtown, PA
“We love the family atmosphere at Tutor Time. Everyone remembers all our kids' names and asks how they are. We feel completely safe leaving our children at Tutor Time and would recommend the school to anyone.”
Jen & Joe C.
Downingtown, PA
“We are very pleased to know that each day we go to work, our son is in a place where he is loved. The teachers have done a wonderful job teaching him his letters, numbers, and also important social and behavioral skills. We highly recommend Tutor Time to all new families. They make you feel like family!”
Elyse & Joe F.
Downingtown, PA
“We love Tutor Time because of their commitment to the education and all around well-being of my child. Not only do they make sure to communicate her achievements and needs, but [they] are very tuned in to her personality. The staff and teachers are wonderful and work hard every day to support and love the children in their care. Thank you for all that you have done for our family.”
Jennifer W.
Downingtown, PA
“Thank you so much for everything every one of you has done for our daughter. She started coming to you all when she was 8-months-old and now she is more than 5-years-old and will start Kindergarten soon. She has always had wonderful days in every room she has been in at Tutor Time. As such, her mental and emotional growth has been amazing. She is counting and writing letters with the best of them and she is starting to recognize words. It's no surprise she did awesome during her Kindergarten placement test. We think that is an outstanding foundation to progress from and we owe it all to everyone at Tutor Time.”
The H. Family
Downingtown, PA
“We love Tutor Time because of the welcoming and the warm teachers. Both of our children have had excellent teachers who offer the perfect balance between love, education, and discipline when needed. Our kids love going to school, and I always love the huge smiles at the end of the day.”
Jessica C.
Downingtown, PA
“Our family has been with Tutor Time since 2004. We are so pleased with how well-rounded the LifeSmart Curriculum was and how it prepared our sons (now 7 and 10) for elementary school. Their Kindergarten teachers remarked positively regarding their love of learning and readiness for school they both exhibited. We now have the pleasure of doing it again with our 16-month-old daughter. I can go to my job relaxed and confident that my daughter is in the best nurturing environment with quality early childhood education professionals.”
The C. Family
Coatesville, PA

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