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What Families Are Saying About Tutor Time in Canton, MI

What Families Are Saying

Many of our families have taken the time to share their honest thoughts on every aspect of the Tutor Time experience. The following are reviews of Tutor Time from families just like yours. For even more reviews, we recommend you check out independent forums like Google and Yelp.

“My family loves Tutor Time because the teachers are very sincere and caring individuals that truly love the children. My children love attending Tutor Time so much that they never want to leave. When you walk into Tutor Time, you feel like you are home.”
Canton, MI
“Even though we’ve only had our children at Tutor Time for a short time, I continue to be impressed with the caring nature for students extended by the teachers. Most importantly, I am impressed with seeing my children smiling and happy when I come to pick them up at the end of the day.”
Canton, MI
“What I love the most about Tutor Time is the staff! Everyone is so kind and loving toward my children. The teachers are top-notch. I can tell they truly care about my children and it isn’t just a job to them. I never worry about my children’s safety when I am at work.”
Canton, MI
“As a now single, working mother, it is comforting to know that my son spends his day in a happy place, filled with learning, laughter and love. The love, patience and nurturing that my son (and I) have received here is priceless. I realize how lucky I am to have found a place where we can feel at home.”
Canton, MI
“My son attends Tutor Time and it has been the perfect place for him to grow and learn. The friendly and knowledgeable teachers are incredibly caring and are attuned to my child's individual personality and needs. My son loves his school and I know that he receives the best care possible.”
Kelly H
Canton, MI
“My boys attend Tutor Time and we couldn't be happier. I'm comforted that my children are in the care of quality teachers that care for every child in their class. Tutor Time offers curriculum in all classrooms and it really shows. I am excited at the end of the day to hear what they have learned.”
Becky B
Canton, MI
“My daughter has been attending Tutor Time since she was just a year old. She is now in the pre-Kindergarten program getting ready for Kindergarten next year. The teachers have done such an amazing job teaching her all the foundational skills she will need to be successful.”
Julia S
Canton, MI
“Our son loves going to school to learn, play and participate in the creative activities the teachers do. We appreciate the great communication about what he is learning and we feel fortunate to have such wonderful teachers.”
Canton, MI
“It was hard for me to choose which school would take the best care of my son. I looked at a lot of different options in Canton. Ultimately, it was the sincerity of the teachers that won my husband and I over. We have been attending this school for years now, and love it as much as when we toured.”
Salima J
Canton, MI

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