One-of-a-kind Elective Programs

Expanding Your Child’s Horizons

Boy eating an orange

Tutor Time’s engaging extracurricular programs empower exploration and playfulness, while nurturing creativity in small group settings.

These inventive elective opportunities, for a wide range of ages, encourage your child to love learning and can free up some of your family’s time.

Enjoy programs such as:

  • Spotlight on Spanish: Learn conversational Spanish by way of stories, games, and songs
  • Grow Fit® Yoga: Develop a healthy mind and body in a creative, fun way

Additional opportunities may include:

  • Chess
  • Gymnastics (tumbling)
  • Dance
  • Karate
  • Computers
  • Music appreciation and education (including singing and playing music)
  • Soccer
  • Fitness

Find a school near you for more details.

Note: Some programs dependent on minimum enrollment requirements. See school for details.

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