Our Approach

Your Child is One-of-a-Kind. So Are We.

Teacher helping child with alphabet

At Tutor Time, our approach is designed to nurture every aspect of a child’s development, while stimulating problem-solving and critical thinking skills. We focus on your child’s unique interests and abilities through hands-on active learning and opportunities for self-expression.

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Our LifeSmart™ curriculum is inspired by Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory. Intelligences are the ways each of us perceives and understands the world as we encounter problems and seek solutions. This theory provides an approach to nurturing and teaching children that focuses on individual needs and strengths. By providing a variety of experiences to foster each and every intelligence, children become more adept in all intelligences.

Our infant through kindergarten teaching strategies are designed and maximized the full development of each individual child and recognizes how they learn different subjects in different ways, utilizing their intelligences, or “smarts.” Our rich learning centers are therefore designed around eight “Smarts”:

  • WordSmart: Reading, writing and telling stories
  • MathSmart: Logical thinking, patterns, and numbers
  • BodySmart: Expression through one’s body, movement and physical activity
  • DesignSmart®: Visualization, building, drawing, and design
  • MusicSmart: Rhythm, signing, and creating music
  • NatureSmart®: In tune with physical world and living things
  • PeopleSmart®: Working in groups, sensitivity to others, leadership
  • MeSmart: In touch with personal feelings and thoughts

We also know education is not a one-size-fits-all experience. That’s why we created the School Readiness Pathway, to provide educational options, empowering parents to choose the best fit for their child’s abilities, strengths, and needs. You’ll find individualized lesson plans in each classroom, in every school, based on the specific abilities and readiness to learn of those students. The result: Customized early education that’s perfect for your child.

Because we developed it just for them.

Tutor Time. Where one-of-a-kinds get started.