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Our Blog: November 9th, 2015

Meet Our Tutor Time Staff – Ms. Faith, Infant Teacher

026Ms. Faith is the Infant Teacher at our center in Norwalk, CT, and has worked at that location for 15 years! Read on to learn more about Ms. Faith and what it’s like to teach in the infant room at Tutor Time.


What has it been like teaching at Tutor Time for 15 years?

Really good! I was in the toddler classroom for the first seven years and then I moved over to infants. I love the infant room because it’s so different. Also, the management has always been good!

How is being an early educator – especially in an infant classroom – so rewarding?

It’s rewarding seeing them crawl, seeing them walk. Even in the songs I’ll sing to them, they just end up learning them! They can’t sing them, but their hands start moving when I move!

What does your typical day look like?

I come in at 7 a.m. and I see if the children need milk. I have small high chairs and I sit all around them and I sing to them and I make sure they’re doing fine. That’s in the beginning. And then we go to diapers and then we go to playing, so we’ll get on the floor with them and play. They sometimes get tired because this might be bottle time, so I give them bottles and then it’s usually nap time. When they wake up, I start lunch and each child gets to sit in the seat and have their lunch. Then we play with them, or we sing songs. Then, some of them have another nap, some don’t. Sometimes we have a snack at 3 p.m. It’s always repetitive.

Why is an early start to education important, even for infants?

I didn’t realize it until I got here, but they learn so much! It helps them. It helps them to be with other kids, too. I believe it’s going to help them through their school life. Definitely.

How do you explain our curriculum?

I have it broken down. I give parents four sheets of paper and what I put down on those sheets are the songs we’re singing, the stories we read and then I explain each area – exercise area, cozy area, morning time area. And I write all that down for the parents.

How do you keep communication open between you and your families?

I try to be very honest.  That’s one thing. I ask parents questions regarding their child and parents can come and visit any time or call any time.

Does your center have anything planned for the holidays?

The day before Thanksgiving we have a wonderful dinner. A couple of teachers make turkeys and bring them in and the parents all bring sides and deserts. And they all come! It’s so much fun.