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Start a one-of-a-kind summer.

We’re committed to supporting our community, starting with a healthy, safe environment when your child is away from home—in the summer and all year long. We have followed CDC guidance in order to enhance and strengthen our existing rigorous procedures.

At our all-day camp, your child will discover a summer filled with friendship, excitement, healthy meals and snacks, and new experiences.

The Prep Lab: Summer Camp Enhanced

Research shows summer learning loss is real and children can lose skills gained during the year. In previous years, summer camp helped children retain those skills. This year, our task is larger, due to weeks of lost class time. To prepare for the next grade, we’re giving them a boost.

We’ve integrated additional academic experiences in math and literacy (for grades K through 5) into summer camp. These activities will bring further life to our fun camp themes, such as:

Young Zoologists | Grow Fit® Kids | World Travelers | Gamer Challenge | Art Expo

Plus, special projects and fun daily activities are part of all our themed programs, such as:

  • STEM Explorations: Calling all innovators! Participate in hands-on experiments using the scientific method, build working structures, and use technology to research and make things happen!
  • Scientific Discoveries: Science is everywhere. Look around and you’ll discover that the whole world can be a laboratory for learning, experimenting, exploring, and discovering!

For Our Younger Campers

Everyone deserves a great summer, so we have exciting summer programs for younger children, too! For 3- and 4-year-old campers, weekly themed experiences include:

  • My First Playhouse: Explore the world of theater as you learn about drama, create puppets, and put on a puppet show!
  • Kindergarten Cadets (For Pre-K Children Only): Children will develop kindergarten skills, focus on math and literacy, and discover routines such as hallway, lunch, and bus etiquette.

Gear Up: Summer campers receive a T-shirt, water bottle, and backpack.

Visit your local school today to learn more and sign up for this great program!

Note: Age range and programs may vary by school. See school for details.