Preschool (Daycare) (3-4 Years)

Discovering the World Around Them

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Our Preschool child care program offers a wide variety of activities to engage your child and prepare him or her for Kindergarten. Coming up with an original story in the Language Center. Reading and sharing stories. Building models and towers. Grocery shopping in our Tutor Towne Village. Examining feathers during a Nature Circle Time. These are the types of activities your preschooler will be doing every day as part of our LifeSmart curriculum.

LifeSmart curriculum

The Tutor Time® LifeSmart curriculum is based on extensive research and inspired by the work of respected development/early education theorists. The educational curricular activities are aligned with math, literacy, science, creative arts and social science Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten. Tutor Time’s educational child care features programs such as our Word of the Month, Big Book/Little Reader and Family Newsletter that allow your child to learn letters and words in ways that are meaningful and engaging. Weekly your child will also be able to explore themes of character through high quality children’s literature with our Creating Character program. Also through our Fitness for Life program, children will be able to explore themes of physical fitness, health and nutrition, all in a developmentally appropriate way.

Each month, teachers choose activities based on the unique needs and interests of the children in their class. We’ve arranged our classroom spaces and experiences into eight distinct ways that children can be intelligent, or our eight “Smarts.” And it works: A Kindergarten readiness study showed that in just six months, children in our program made educational gains usually expected after a full year.

Tutor Time’s eight “Smarts” are:

  • WordSmart: Reading, writing and telling stories
  • MathSmart: Logical thinking, patterns and numbers
  • BodySmart: Expression through one’s body, movement and physical activity
  • DesignSmart®: Visualization, building, drawing and design
  • MusicSmart: Rhythm, signing and creating music
  • NatureSmart®: In tune with physical world and living things
  • PeopleSmart®: Working in groups, sensitivity to others, leadership
  • MeSmart: In touch with personal feelings and thoughts

In the classroom

Our classrooms include learning centers full of ways for kids to explore and investigate all eight of the ways in which they are smart, and to build problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Tutor Time teachers supplement these self-directed experiences with small and large group activities that give children the tools they need to grow and develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

For more detailed information regarding care, safety and education in our Preschool Room, take a Virtual Tour.

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